After 20 years in investment banking, Landria Onkka made a radical change and launched a Interior Design and Women's Fashion business.  Park Avenue Group LLC serves the people she knows best -- sophisticated, affluent and successful people desiring personal attention. 

Interior Design

The Porcelain Lady is over 80 years old and is Park Avenue Group's icon.  I found her in my parents' basement, dusty and forgotten.  As a child, I asked my Grandmother about her.  She showed me that folded napkins placed in the dress, created a skirt.  It was beautiful.  To me, The Porcelain Lady represents timeless style, class, sophistication, and the extraordinary.  My entire business is based on this and my clients receive no less.   

Park Avenue Group offers sophisticated women's accessories such as purses, jewelry, hats, sunglasses, "easy to wear" clothes, and custom designed pieces. 

FREE PRIVATE SHOPPER SERVICE  Men, let us keep track of important dates, choose a gift for your special ladies and have it delivered, beautifully wrapped. It's private, and it's a free service.


A  fun, shopping event at your home, business, or charity at no extra charge with a portion of proceeds awarded to you or your non-profit. 

Women's Fashion

It's All in the Details